View Full Version : Why does asset report miss the device info and interface info?

09-14-2012, 02:18 AM

When running an asset report there is information missing. Information that is incomplete is usually IOS version, MAC addresses, speed & duplex, serial number and port up/down status/counts.


NetBrain may not have retrieved these info yet. Prior to the live discovery process, there is an option that you need to check. Please refer to the picture below, from the Live Network Discover window > click the Options button > in the pop-up window check the “Retrieve inventory info of Device/Module/Interface” option and click the OK button. Considering the live discovery performance, we don’t check this option by default for this will consume much more time.


If you have added these devices into your workspace successfully, there’s an alternative and easier way to do this:
From the Workspace tab, click Benchmark > Retrieve Live Data. In the Retrieve Live Data window, click the Option button to make sure that the Device Information option and Interface Information option are checked ( They should be checked by default.) . Then you can click the Start button to retrieve these data. After this, you can generate the asset report again to see whether it works.