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lmhost 10-22-2013 04:16 PM

SNMP for Cisco 300 Small business series
Hi all
I work with the Trial of the Netbrain Consultant Edition.
I have Setup one testto do the Network discovery and l2 mapping Feature.
I use for this purpose the cisco 300 series small Business Switches.
I am able to connect with snmp so i can get teh General data of the Switches.
However it Fails to query the cdp table via snmp.
CDP is active on the Switches.
Is it possible to make this work?
Can i add the mib i can download from cisco somehow to Netbrain to overcome this Problem?
actually we have many customers using small Business series Switches.
So netbrain turns to something useless if i cant get real automatic documentation in many enviroments.
Can somebody help.

NetBrainTAC 10-22-2013 10:44 PM

Re: SNMP for Cisco 300 Small business series
Hi lmhost
If you have CLI access to your Cisco Small Business 300 Series Switches, and it's running Cisco IOS. Then you can get better support after you switch to CLI for NetBrain CE.

For CDP table. We use the following OID to retrieve data from device. And it's fixed in our device driver.

g_lib2_neighbor_ip_oid = ''
g_lib2_neighbor_device_oid = ''
g_lib2_neighbor_port_oid = ''

I have filed a request (Case#00005752) for the support of Cisco Small Business 300 Series Switches to our product management team; they will evaluate the request and decide how to proceed.

lmhost 10-27-2013 08:11 AM

Re: SNMP for Cisco 300 Small business series
Hi this is what i did
I have try to manually Import the required cdp data
However it Fails with the message.
Incorrect Format.
I used the Import from cli and the Feature from clipboard but also tryed as file to Import . for the cli command: show cdp neighbors detail
Actually as suggested all in lowercase
here is the Output i got from the Switch itself.

sw002#show cdp neighbors detail
Device-ID: 04dad2122f4e
Advertisement version: 2
Platform: Cisco SG300-10 (PID:SRW2008-K9)-VSD
Capabilities: Switch IGMP
Interface: gi1, Port ID (outgoing port): gi5
Holdtime: 125
Duplex: full
Native VLAN: 1
SysName: sw001
SysObjectID: 0.0
IPv6 fe80::6da:d2ff:fe12:2f4e (link-local)

NetBrainTAC 10-29-2013 03:04 AM

Re: SNMP for Cisco 300 Small business series
Hi lmhost

Sorry about that. We don't support this kind of format yet. According to the text you attached. The CLI output of Cisco Small Business 300 Series Switches is different from regular IOS. The NetBrain product management team will evaluate your request and decide how to proceed. Thanks.

NetBrainTAC 11-13-2014 10:01 PM

Re: SNMP for Cisco 300 Small business series

Our Multi-Vendor team has fixed this issue, please down load the new driver from this link and try the following steps?

1. From the Workspace tab, within the Build Workspace group, click the Device Driver option from the Vendor Model drop-down list. The Device Driver pane opens.
2. Click the Import button at the bottom of the Device Driver pane to import the device driver. Browse through the nbdriver file and open it. The driver will be imported.
3. Restart the OE workstation and the WWW service in Server. Press win +R to open the Run window, enter “services.msc” to open the Services window, restart the World Wide Web Publishing Service
4. Rediscover this device to see if it works.

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