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NetBrainTAC 10-20-2016 03:31 AM

Exciting new features in coming release v6.2-Instant Qapp
Instant Qapp is a new form of drag-and-drop automation.

1.Each Qmap has equipped an Instant Qapp button, and you can search for data you want to automate with. Data can be pulled from both live network and other DataFolders. Qapp1.png

2.Search results are categorized and can be filtered based on the following types:
o CLI Parser
o Configuration Parser
o Variable Group
o Device Property
o Interface Property
o Qapp

3.Drag the variables from the search results to the map to make them visual instantly.

4.Variable Group is a group of customized variables to be readily used in Instant Qapp. You can customize new variable groups based on your needs. When running an Instant Qapp, you can search for a variable group and then drag its variables to the map with predefined positions to reduce run-time layouts.

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