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AndyG 01-17-2017 11:37 AM

Full list of supported devices
Hi guys,

Is there a full list of supported networking devices that NetBrain EE and CE support out of the box please? especially interested in NetScaler ADC and SD-WAN and f5 appliances (I think I saw an update on the 6.2 release notes about virtual IP for f5, if you support NetScaler is there similar plans?).

Also is there a supported entity/ device limit on CE (full paid edition) please?


Andy G

NetBrainTAC 01-18-2017 05:17 AM

Re: Full list of supported devices
Hi Andy,

Please refer to our online help for the vendor model we support currently

NetScaler ADC and SD-WAN, and virtual IP on NetScaler, we don't support them currently.

There is no limit for supported devices on CE as long as you buy enough nodes. But As you know, CE has no server, if you have thousands devices needs to manage, we suggest you use EE.

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