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RAMAIYA2 09-20-2018 06:59 AM

New User

I am using Net Brain for the first time for a new job.

I need to use NetBrain to monitor our network and was hoping for any advice/documentation and would be grateful if any of you could assist.

Thank you



NetBrainTAC 09-20-2018 10:34 PM

Re: New User
Hi Jay,

Netbrain has a function block called Qapp that can help monitor user network. And a lot of bulit in Qapps support monitoring services, such as Overall Health Monitor, Monitor Interface Error Counters... You can drag the devices that need to be monitored into a map, right click on the black area, select Run Qapp, which will lead you to select which Qapp to run on the map. , choose the Qapp you are interested in and run the Qapp, then you can check the monitor results on the map.

I am not sure which version are you in, here is an online help guide for v7.0b1 for you to refer:

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