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Erick 06-09-2010 12:36 PM

How to fix unclassified device?
So I have a laundry list (447 unique devices with 64 different unique OIDs) of devices classified as unclassified devices. I have been wanting to fix the ones I know are network equipment but it has not been high priority. With the understanding that these are counting towards my license count I want to start fixing all of them.

I found the OID for one of the Cisco routers and added that to the vendor table. Then I tried various things to convert the models to actual Cisco routers with no luck. How do I convert a Unclassified device to a known device type? I have 121 Cisco devices classified as Unknown which should change device type once I add 11 OIDs to the system.

Do you guys want a listing of all the OIDs I come across so they can be added to the system? What about upgrades? Do I lose types I manually added?

David.C 06-10-2010 12:26 AM

Re: How to fix unclassified device?
Hi, Erick,

I am wondering how did you add these devices into workspace? From live discovery?

Elton 06-10-2010 11:14 AM

Re: How to fix unclassified device?
Yes, please send to "" for a list of OIDs for those unclassified device types. We'll check the OIDs and work with you to verify the appropriate vendor/model, then update the vendor/model list.
To convert the an unclassified device to a known device after you updated the vendor/model, you can redo a discovery on that IP, the device should be added to the workspace with the right device type.
Hope it helps.

Erick 06-14-2010 01:06 PM

Re: How to fix unclassified device?
Was sick a couple days so just getting back to it.

Yes, these are devices found vis live discovery. I know a lot are HP printers, etcher tools (non-network devices), software based firewalls on PCs (ZoneAlarm bought CheckPoint) and so on. I figured out my issue with adding Cisco devices as I was adding the 9.1.4.a.b.c instead of just the 4.a.b.c. Once I removed the leading 9.1 things started working better.

So far I have added:
Code:    2CiscoCRS14S  2060Cisco296048PSTL    2001CiscoNmeXd48Es2Ge    2001CiscoNmeX24Es1Ge
9.1.840          2CiscoSRST881
9.1.989          1025CiscoAP801GN-E-K9  3001CiscoWS-6608  3001CiscoWS-6608

The last two are actually PRI cards in a catalyst switch and can not be managed. There is an IP address simply for the Call Manager to reach them but they are not "devices" per say ... they are modules. This goes back to my device count thread and excluding certain types, these should not count since NB will not be able to do anything with these individual modules.

I'll send a complete list of OIDs that are missed off to the email list. I just went through this morning and deleted another 150ish unclassified devices because I hit my license count limit again. Of those 150 devices I'll bet greater then 125 are not network devices.

David.C 06-20-2010 10:13 PM

Re: How to fix unclassified device?
Hi Erick,

We are working on this and will give you an answer later.

sb147m 05-03-2016 10:13 PM

Re: How to fix unclassified device?
is there an update on this?
My Nexus 9K switches are shown as 'unclassified devices', even though the vendor model list includes the OID and Device Type as Cisco Nexus Switch

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