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NetBrainTAC 10-13-2016 05:46 AM

Exciting new features in coming release v6.2-Runbook
Runbook is a new way to integrate NetBrain features into a repeatable and documentable process.

Building a Runbook
Select blocks among the following options and split branch blocks based on your real needs. Only a single branch is displayed at one time.

Using a Runbook

o Search or browse existing Runbooks with preview.
o Click the play button execute a Runbook. Each active block inside a Runbook also has a play button and can be run independently.

o Support to open recently used Runbooks on the current map from the map context menu.

Runbook Analysis (RBA)

o Completed blocks are marked with the count of runs. When alerts are generated, the icon will be displayed next to the result.

o Runbook Analysis is saved within the Qmap where it is running against. You can annotate more context and share the RBA with your colleagues for further collaboration.

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