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NetBrainTAC 04-18-2013 02:18 AM

How to access your network devices via jumpbox
Problem: Difficulty setting up a jumpbox to access network devices.


This is the process to set up the jumpbox.

1. Determine the correct Jumpbox Server. The Jumpbox Server can be a Unix server, Linux server or even a router/switch The only requirement is that you can telnet/SSH to the Jumpbox from the Network Server using the standard username/password authentication.

2. Configure the Live Access methods. By default, NB will stop trying Telnet/SSH when ping fails, so you need to change this. Click the NB icon in upper left corner, choose Options, switch to Live Access tab, uncheck the option: If ping fails, donít try Telnet/SSH.

3. Configure the Jumpbox. From Ribbon menu, switch to Workspace tab, choose Settings in Shared Network Settings.

4. Do the Live Network Discovery with correct access methods.

Apllicable to: OE all version

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