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Chris 06-17-2009 02:26 AM

What's the OSPF default route metric, 1 or 10?
When configuring a default route in an OSPF network using the following command:

default-information originate always metric-value

I'm aware there are more parameters but specifically the metric-value parameter. If this is not specifically configured, the cisco press BSCI documentation says the default metric is 10. But testing it reveals the default metric to actually be 1.

So if given this question on an exam, what would be the correct answer? I'm thinking the book is wrong and I should go for 1. But if the tests are written by the authors of these books, then the test answer could also be wrong?

David.C 06-17-2009 06:04 AM

the correct answer is 1
No, the correct answer is 1. What is written under IOS 12.4 Command Reference is inexact.
You can find the right documentation under IOS 12.3 ... #wp1038457
Everything that is under default-information originate gets a default metric of 1 and everything that is redistributed gets a default metric of 20.

So, most probably there was a typo, they added a small 0 afterwards. Small stuff in life.

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