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mester_net 06-19-2018 06:22 PM

NETBRAIN network documentation capabilities
I have some questions about NETBRAIN network documentation capabilities
Thank you for answering

--> questions:
1 Is there permission to manage the software? (yes/no)
2 Is there a read / write / delete access feature on the documentation files? (yes/no)
3 Is the history of file changes visible in the software? (yes/no)
4 File changes in the software can be tracked? (yes/no)
5 There is a possibility to retrieve the documentation up to 3 versions before? (yes/no)
6 Supports MS-Office suite? (yes/no)
7 What is the software version evaluated? (version)
8 What version of the app is being evaluated? (year)
9 OpenSource software? (yes/no)
10 Using the software for free? (yes/no)
11 The software has the ability to add multiple free sensors(nods)? (number)
12 Is there a possibility to create different categories in the software? (yes/no)
13 Which version of the SNMP protocol supports? (version)
14 What is the method of connecting to the software console? (web/desktop,...)
15 What is the programming language of the software?
16 What is a software database? (sqlserver/mysql or...)
17 Is it possible to display the network equipment in the software? (yes/no)
18 Is there a port / interface display in the software? (yes/no)
19 Is it possible to display the physical connections of the port / interface in the software? (yes/no)
20 Is there a VLAN display feature in the software? (yes/no)
21 Is virtual server display in software? (yes/no)
22 What is the ability to update network changes automatically in the software? (yes/no)
23 Can I update / add information manually in the software? (yes/no)
24 Is there an option to update / add information from the standard file format in the software? (yes/no)
25 Is there an ability to update / add information from the network settings file in the software? (yes/no)
26 Is it possible to scan network equipment in the software? (yes/no)
27 Is there a port / interface scan in the software? (yes/no)
28 Is it possible to scan the physical connection details (such as speed, protocol, etc.) in the software? (yes/no)
29 Is there a way to scan different operating systems in the software? (yes/no)
30 Is it possible to scan virtual operating systems and virtual machines in the software? (yes/no)
31 Is there a way to scan storage devices in the software? (yes/no)
32 Ability to scan peripheral devices (such as a network device, printer, scanner, etc.) Is there an application? (yes/no)
33 Is there an ability to view assets, changes and their history in the software?Is there an application? (yes/no)
34 Is there a way to compare maps and software changes? (yes/no)
35 Exports to standard formats like XML in the software? (yes/no)
36 Export to Jpeg and PDF formats in the software? (yes/no)
37 Is the Export feature available in Visio format in the software? (yes/no)

best regards

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