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jsanders 01-29-2020 04:41 PM

SNMP Traps necessary
I am configuring SNMP credentials for read access on all of my devices monitored by Netbrain. Should I also be configuring my devices to send SNMP traps back to Netbrain?

jsanders 02-17-2020 06:56 PM

Re: SNMP Traps necessary
To answer my own question since either this forum is dead or no one ultimately cares about me.......whah whah #sadtrombone. I eventually heard back after I submitted a ticket to Netbrain. You do not need to configure your devices to send SNMP traps to the Netbrain server. It will not use this information

JustGlenn 03-02-2020 07:58 AM

Re: SNMP Traps necessary
Thank you :)


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