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lgao 10-21-2010 12:52 PM

The way I use NB: Find missing routes
To find missing routes caused by the configuration change I made to the routers

step 1: Build a map with all devices I am about to change
search the hostname, and then drag-and-drop the found devices into map. Do a auto-link.

step 2: Make sure the neighboring routers of the above devices is in the map
Extend out neighbors of routers already in the map

step 3: Before my change, run a network benchmark from the map
Collect routing tables, configure files etc before changing network, and put results into a new data folder, say "before change".

["make my important changes...", meanwhile I often turn monitoring on, just to see the status of all the devices I am changing]

step 4: Right after change, run another benchmark from map
MAKE SURE I save the new data into a NEW data folder, say "After Change" (one often forgets to save data in new data folder)

step 5: Run batch comparsion from map between two data folders.
Verify that your configure change is indeed in, and discover any missing/added/modified routes as a result.

Question to you:

* Why is it necessary to extend all neighbors of the routers to be changed?


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