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jimmytootshoes 11-30-2018 06:05 PM

How to map ESX hosts and L2 switches on same map?
I have discovered my vCenter server, and the related ESX servers. CDP is enabled on both the hosts and the switches.

However I cannot get both an ESX host, and the L2 Cisco Nexus switch it connects to, to display on the same map.

With the host on the map, if I try to add the switch manually I get this error:

Node "switch01" is in a different view than the current opened map, and cannot be dragged to this map.

Do you want to create a new map with the Node?

And looking at the context maps for the ESX host, the L2 topology map only shows that host.

I am running vCenter/ESX 6.7.

NetBrainTAC 12-03-2018 01:47 AM

Re: How to map ESX hosts and L2 switches on same map?
The Error happened because the "switch01" is not in the view of the map you tried to drag the device in. Netbrain has different views for maps with SDN nodes, while the ordinary network device is only in "Default Visual Space" view.
Please open the "VirtualMachine -> Layer2 Neighbor" Context map(this map is in Default Visual Space View) and then try to extend the L2 Nexus Switch.
If this fails to work, please send the maps to Netbrain support team([email protected]) for further analysis.

How to check which view the map is in:
Click the Red "+" icon at the upper right corner of a random node on the map, the view of the map is shown in brackets of title of the popup window.

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