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NetBrainTAC 12-25-2012 08:05 PM

How to set the management IP as a reachable IP address
Problem: You may find some devices are unreachable in NetBrain but actually they can be accessed.

Root Cause: NetBrain pick up the first accessible IP address as management IP during discovery. If in the future, that IP/interface is shutdown, then, netBrain has no live access to that device.

Solution: For devices without any device settings, Tune live access will auto set the management based on interface type, starting from Loopback, then Ethernet/vlan/serial/&, as long as the 1st IP is accessible via ping/snmp.

Applicable to: All devices

Note: It will take time to run the tune live access for whole workspace. You can run it based on selected device group, or from the q-map during the troubleshooting, right click on the map > Tune live access, it will only tune the devices in the map, so you can quickly collect all data you needed during troubleshooting time.

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