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NetBrainTAC 10-20-2016 04:53 AM

Exciting new features in coming release v6.2-Virtualization
1. Improve support of virtual IPs for the following device types:

o F5 - traffic group floating IP

o Check Point - Cluster IP

2. Reduce communication time with devices - the system can retrieve all the inventory information, including device property, module property, and interface property for a device in one CLI session.

3. Better support of device relationships for Controller and Client.

Add Device Role property to record discovery relationships for the following device type pairs:

o Cisco WLC/Cisco LWAP

o Aruba WLC/Aruab LWAP

o Juniper EX Switch/Juniper Qfabric Node

o Cisco ASA Firewall/PIX Multi Context

4. Save client device data inside its controller device - the system will retrieve data from Cisco WLC for Cisco LWAP CDP/ARP/MAC table.

5. Support Cisco LWAP and Aruba LWAP using the multi-vendor framework with Layer 2 data to build Layer 2 topology:

o Cisco LWAP: CDP/ARP/MAC table

o Aruba LWAP: LLDP/MAC table

6. Support Ping and Traceroute for the following device types:

o Cisco Router

o Cisco IOS Switch

o Cisco IOS XR

o Cisco Nexus Switch

o Juniper EX Switch

o Juniper Router

o Juniper SRX Firewall

7. Better support of the following interface types:


o Tunnel

o Port Channel

8. Improve the usability of logging on to devices with an advanced login script.

9. Improve the process to log on to a device, such as Cisco WLC.

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