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ap1436 08-28-2014 02:45 PM

Site list updates
Can I export the site list to excel or comma deliminated, make changes to that list and than import the list? Along those same lines if I create a comma deliminated or excel spreadsheet with a lot of site updates and than import that list will it add to what I already have or over write what is currently there?


NetBrainTAC 08-29-2014 02:40 AM

Re: Site list updates
Hi ap1436,

Thanks for posting.
NetBrain allows users to define a Site tree by importing a spreadsheet(Excel or CSV) which makes it easy to setup the Site definition procedure. Users can define a Site hierarchy by assigning a column header level. Please refer to the instructions in this link.

Also in OEv5.2 release, NetBrain now allow you to recreate Site hierarchy with the new spreadsheet. If you only want to merge the site, please leave this option unchecked.


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