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NetBrainTAC 10-20-2016 04:32 AM

Exciting new features in coming release v6.2-Path
Path Input Intelligence

o When you click in the path input field, your PC, Network Server, Endpoint List and Recent Paths will be displayed in the drop-down list. You can select any of them as a source or destination.

o When you enter an IP address or hostname in the A or B field, all matched IP addresses or devices will be intelligently displayed in the drop-down list. You can move your mouse over an item and select it directly.

o If an IP address you entered matches exactly with an entry in the NetBrain system, it will attempt to look for its domain name.

o In the search result, you can select a gateway if there are multiple gateways for an IP address.

Endpoint Table
You can predefine the correlation between an IP address or subnet and its corresponding gateway in the Endpoint Table.

o When you enter the IP address in the source (A) or destination (B) field during path calculation, the gateway will be automatically selected as default gateway.

o The entries in the Endpoint Table are shared by all users.

o The NAT Table menu option under Path Stitching has been decommissioned.

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