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jrichv 04-20-2017 11:54 AM

Workstation Server Setup and Connectivity Issue
I installed NetBrain Workstation EE 6.2 on a "landing server" - a virtual machine in a customer's environment. When I attempt to log in I change the server IP address in Server Setup to my remote NetBrain server back in my data center at : 80, use my admin ID and password, and change the workspace to the correct one (it sees other available workspaces from my NetBrain Enterprise server back in my data center) - it fails to log in with the following error: "Failed to establish a connection to ''."
-- Here's the problem: I'm not trying to connect to, I am trying to connect to When I go into the Server Setup tab and hit the "Test" button to test the Server Address: Port: 80, it says "The connection is fine."


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