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bkarim 01-26-2019 02:48 PM

Network Resiliency testing
I am new to netbrian and still discovering its features. I have been asked to find out if we can somehow test the resiliency without shutting down the interface or the device physically to know if the DR is working. This will be required for testing Nexus, 6500, with BGP and ospf.

Example would be if we have 2 paths from device A to Device D. i.e

ABD & ACD where primary path is ABD. can we test if B stops working would the traffic follow the path ACD or not without making a change to network.

I have seen some documentation where we can setup and can see the traffic path with live packet transfer/capture. If possible can we apply the same for the resiliency testing ?

Kind Regards.

NetBrainTAC 01-30-2019 10:35 PM

Re: Network Resiliency testing

I am sorry I am not sure which document you are referring to, and which version you are running.
I have the following option based on your description, and the guide links are based on version v7.1a

1. Calculate the path with option “L3 Active Path” set, which makes the L3 path calculated by using live data from the devices.
Pleaser refer to these links for guidance:

2. Traceroute the actual packet transfer, and then Map traceroute result on the map.
How to perform traceroute in Netbrain and map the result:

3. Use Qapps to monitor, the following Qapp may help to test resiliency:
Overall Health Monitor
Monitor OSPF Neighbors
Monitor OSPF Running Status
Monitor QoS along Path

How to run Qapp: right click on a map and select Run Qapp.

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