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Old 08-23-2012, 03:51 AM
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Default How to add unsupported login prompts

If the login/password prompts for a device are different from that used in NetBrain (login, login name, username, password, passcode ), NetBrain is unable to telnet/ssh to the device to retrieve the CLI configure file. For example, “Please enter user id:”

If you just have few devices, they may be discovered by snmp, you can modify them in the Shared Device Setting window, right click the device, choose Shared Device Settings, and change the Login/Password Prompt. Then use Tune Live Access feature to make everything set for these devices automatically.

If you get lots of devices, the above methods are not suitable for you, you need to modify the config file in the installation file to make NetBrain to recognize the prompts successfully.

1. Open the file discoversetting.ini under the dir
%System%\Netbrain\Workstation Operator Edition\conf\discoversetting.ini

2. Add the new login prompt that you needed.
If you want to add “Please enter user id:” as a new login prompt. Add this entry after
“usename=login:||username:||login name:||” to set it as “usename=login:||username:||login name:||user id:||”
(NetBrain uses the matching logic here to recognize a login prompt.)

3. Restart your NetBrain workstation to load the new settings.

4. Use Tune Live Access feature to make everything set for these devices automatically.
(This step is critical for new prompts to take effect. Prompts for these devices will be found and filled in, and then devices settings will be uploaded to the ES, after this process, all other OEWS will download these settings and Benchmark works properly using these correct settings.)
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