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Old 06-01-2010, 01:37 PM
Erick Erick is offline
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Default Telnet/SSH and SNMP RO/RW access

I noticed that when defining the device properties what I expect to happen does not. Example, for this device I have it set to "SSH then Telnet" but notice the check device output.

Ping [x.x.x.x] via Network Server(y.y.y.y)
Send RO = [aaaaaaaaaa] to [x.x.x.x] via Network Server(y.y.y.y)
Retrieve [x.x.x.x]'s Hostname , Vendor and Model use RO = [aaaaaaaaaa] via Network Server(y.y.y.y)
Telnet to [x.x.x.x] via Network Server(y.y.y.y)
Telnet to [x.x.x.x] successfully
Return from Device:[Username:]
Sending Username:myuser
Return from Device:[Password:]
Sending Password:**********
Return from Device:[termserv>]
Sending "enable" command
Return from Device:[Password:]
Sending Enable Password:*********
Return from Device:[termserv#]
Sending "enable" command
Return from Device:[termserv#]
Sending "exit" command
Telnet to [x.x.x.x] Disconnected
Retrieve 'Software Version' successfully.
Retrieve 'Serial Number' successfully.
Retrieve 'Contactor' successfully.
Retrieve 'Location' successfully.
Retrieve Interface Info Successfully via Network Server(y.y.y.y), time:2.35 second(s).

Now, this one termserv only supports SSHv1 but there was never even an SSH attempt. The same output happens on devices with SSHv2 enabled. It is like the SSH is never even tried. If I force the options to SSH only then it actually use SSH.

For SNMP... I have defined the RO and RW strings within NetBrain but only granted the server access to the RO string via access list restrictions. I notice a lot of failed SNMP attempts on the network equipment where NetBrain is attempting the RW string (before?) attempting the RO string. The data collection is successful, via RO, but I am seeing a lot of auth failures in my syslogs. I am going to remove the RW string but I find it strange that NetBrain continues to try and use a string it knows does not work while it also knows a valid string.
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Old 06-01-2010, 04:48 PM
Elton Elton is offline
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Default Re: Telnet/SSH and SNMP RO/RW access

From the "check device" tab in a device settings window, when you clicking "start check" button, netBrain will use all existing settings 1st, if failed, then try other options.
In your case, your device was set to via "telnet", so no matter what options you selected, netBrain will always try "telnet" 1st. If telnet failed, then try "ssh". That's why you don't see the "ssh" attempt in the logs.
For you to force "ssh", you can select "ssh" in "device settings" tab, click "Apply" button, then click "start check" in "check device" tab.
From auto discovery on any new devices, netBrain will follow the options you set to try "ssh" then "telnet" if it's the case, since there are no existing settings associated with the new discovered devices.

About snmp RW, netBrain only use it during monitoring for proxy ping to get the interface delay value. Do you see any failed snmp RW attempts during any other tasks than monitoring?

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