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Old 09-28-2010, 05:10 AM
angelaz angelaz is offline
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Default About variables

External Tools variable:

External tools are alternative methods to remotely conect a live device, by default, software will invoke Windows's system Telnet/SSH client to connect the device.

External Tools window lists 4 alternative options (ready to use): Telnet via Putty, Telnet via SecureCRT, Web Browser, and Windows Ping. 'Command:' line contains the location of the executable program, which is assumed to be located in 'C:\windows\' path. If located elsewhere, use ... button to locate it.

'Argument:' list the syntax used to complete the command. Default syntax for Telnet only uses management IP address, you can find this piece of information from 'Device Settings' window. Optionally, you can add a $(TelnetPort) option to specify the TCP port used.

Users can not create or delete the variables, and Management IP and Telnet port, they are hardcoded.

To connect a device using External Tool, right click the destination device -> Advanced Tools -> (name of external tool).

Note: External Tool feature only works for Cisco devices

Show commands:

Like External Tools, variables used with show commands are hardcoded and only their values can be modified; these values can be found in device configuration file. There are 4 ways to access 'show commands' window:
1) 'Show Commands' Menu button -> 'Execute Show Commands'
2) 'Benchmark' button -> 'Execute Show Commands' (in Map Toolbar)
3) Right click a device -> 'Show Commands' -> 'Execute Show Commands'
4) Right click a path -> 'Execute Show Commands'

Here is a list of variables used:
- $interface contain a list of all interfaces that have being assigned an IP address
- $visible_interface contain list of all interfaces that currently have a visible connection to another devices on the map. Only usable if accessed via method 2 and 3.
- $Ethernet contain a list of Ethernet interfaces that are up
- $Serial contain a list of Serial interfaces that are up
- $source_IP contain source IP address of this path. Only usable if accessed via method 4
- $destination_IP contain destination IP address of this path. Only usable if accessed via method 4
- $protool contains list of routing processes currently up and running
- $ospf* contains a list of all currently running OSPF process ID
- $eigrp* contains a list of all currently running EIGRP ASN
- $bgp* contains a list of all currently running BGP ASN
- $igrp* contains a list of all currently running IGRP ASN
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Old 10-04-2010, 04:25 PM
recoyle recoyle is offline
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Default Re: About variables

Can you provide a complete list of all variables for external tools?

I know there are at least two not listed here ... $(Hostname) and $(ManagementIP).

Are there others?
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Old 10-05-2010, 11:57 AM
Abraham L Abraham L is offline
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Default Re: About variables

Hi, Recoyle.

You almost got it all. There is one more variable for external tools, $(TelnetPort).

You can see all variables in the External Tools window (On the Home tab, click on the Live Access expansion icon to open this window) and add your own external tool.

Hope that this helps.

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