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Old 02-04-2013, 10:17 PM
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Default Overview of exciting new features in the coming release v5.0

1. Automation Procedure
• Draw on-demand map for problem area or special technology
• Automate the process of network troubleshooting
• Check network device and interface healthy
• Customize and extend network inventory report
• Verify network change
• Check configuration compliance
A lot of built-in procedure to help you manage network, you can continuously download more procedures from NetBrain website.
The NetBrain Procedure is easy to create with NetBrain visual platform

2. Discover live path with Customizable Path Procedure
• Customize discovery logic for various network, e.g. MPLS core, NAT, etc
• Discover live path without whole routing table especially for core router
3. Network Change Management
• An integrated solution to make your network change more efficient and less risky
• Define network change -> Execute -> Verify -> Document
• Record complete timeline of your network change, manage all related data
4. Integrate with External LDAP/AD Authentication Server
• Import user account information from LDAP/AD server
• Define what user can access what workspaces
5. Multi Tenant Support
• Support very large workspace with multiple Workspace Servers
• Manage a lot of small share workspaces with one Workspace Server
6. New License Model
• Share floating seat license among different server workspaces
• Share network node license among server workspaces and local workspaces
• User can re-assign node license for all workspaces without NetBrain
7. Force Workstation to Refresh Shared Workspace
• Force workstation to refresh local cached data in case of critical data modified
8. Use Qmap as Portable Workspace
• Save device properties data in Qmap
• Build local workspace from Qmap and it’s embedded data easily
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