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Old 04-18-2013, 02:20 AM
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Default How to add ACE into workspace


ACE is treated as End System in Vendor Model list. If you change its device type to CSS, it can be discovered but cannot be added into workspace, because OE workstation cannot deal with ACE CLI properly.


1. Click "Vendor Model" button in Workspace tab, select the "All" general heading, press Ctrl+F to start search function, fill in ACE's OID to find it, and then change its device type to CSS.

2. Select "Device Driver" option from drop-down menu of "Vendor Model", find CSS item in Device Driver window, right-click on it, choose Edit, check "Build configuration file by SNMP" in "Config File" tab. Because OE cannot access ACE via CLI, configuration must be generated by SNMP to build Q-map instead.

3. In the Devices column in workspace pane, select these ACEs under "End System" catalogue, right-click on them and choose Remove from Workspace.

4. Click Discover button, select "Discover via Seed Routers" option, fill in these ACEs' IP addresses, click “Options” button, set depth to 0 to discover only that device, click "Start Discovery" button. These new discovered ACEs will be listed under "Load Balancer" category.

5. Add these ACEs into a device group, right-click on this device group and select "Map All Devices", they are displayed in new Q-map with load balancer icon.

Apply to: OEv4.1M2a/b/c/d

Even though the device type of ACE has been changed from End System to CSS, OE cannot operate it through CLI.
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