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Old 08-01-2017, 10:50 AM
jjgormley jjgormley is offline
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Default System Benchmark reports. Unencrypted device configurations.

I've poked around at various options when setting up System Benchmarks, but I haven't had any luck in locating an option to send out an email with Benchmark results (device failures, reasons why, etc.).

Is there an option to do so? If not, this seems like it would be a valuable addition.

Regarding configuration backups, is it possible to save device configurations with pre-shared keys or SNMP community strings as unencrypted? For example, on Cisco ASAs, you can use the more system:running-config command to display the running-config with the above mentioned keys as unencrypted. Can I alter the command used to save the configurations in Netbrain?
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Old 08-02-2017, 07:20 AM
NetBrainTAC NetBrainTAC is offline
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Default Re: System Benchmark reports. Unencrypted device configurations.

Hi jjgormley, I'm afraid that we don't support sending email with benchmark results. We have received similar requests and Product Management Team will help to evaluate this request.
Regarding to your second question, user can add a customized benchmark task and CLI commands he wants to be issued during the task, corresponding CLI output will be stored in the folder as well, but I'm so sorry those CLI commands must contain “show”,“get”,"display", etc. "more system:running-config" cannot be issued during benchmark task. If you have further concerns about these questions, please feel free to submit ticket to, we will help you ASAP. Thanks
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