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Old 07-31-2018, 03:21 PM
ayoluca ayoluca is offline
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Default Discovery behavior problem

Hi, I was wondering if Im missing something on the Netbrain settings, Im running version 7.0 and we are in the process of adding the devices,

however, from the netbrain server itself, Im able to ssh the network device, I can even manage from there, meaning that the ssh is allowed,

However, on the netbrain web app, whenever I go to discovery tab, I only get that SNMP is succeeded but not SSH

below the output, and just for the safety, I just marked the IPs with X.X.X.X, but you can see the rest of the output

Ping [X.X.X.X] via Proxy Server(X.X.X.X); Succeeded
Send RO = [X.X.X.X][version:v2c] to [X.X.X.X] via Proxy Server(X.X.X.X); Succeeded
Retrieving [X.X.X.X]'s Hostname ,Vendor and Model via Proxy Server(X.X.X.X); Succeeded
SSH to device X.X.X.X via Proxy Server(X.X.X.X)
SSH to device X.X.X.X disconnected.
SSH to device X.X.X.X via Proxy Server(X.X.X.X)
SSH to device X.X.X.X disconnected.
SSH to device X.X.X.X via Proxy Server(X.X.X.X)
SSH to device X.X.X.X disconnected.

Skip the step of retrieving config file via SNMP because CLI config already exists.

ASA running single mode
Discovery of X.X.X.X complete

Im trying to discover the ASA on the admin, since this is a multiple context.

Anyone has had the issue? how can I fix it?

I even tested the telnet command from the server and clearly the port is open,

I even tested the "Shared Device Settings" options to play with the credentials and it failed,

Live Access From Proxy Server(X.X.X.X):
Connection with Proxy Server(X.X.X.X): Succeeded
Ping: Succeeded
SNMP: Succeeded

Telnet/SSH: Failed

Your help is much appreciated please,

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Old 08-01-2018, 01:31 AM
NetBrainTAC NetBrainTAC is offline
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Default Re: Discovery behavior problem

Please RDP to the proxy server, press win +R to open the Run window, enter “services.msc” to open the Services window, restart the "Netbrain Proxy Service of IE" service if you are in v7.0b1, or the "Netbrain Proxy Service" if you are in v7.0b.
Then try to rediscover this ASA, if the issue still stands, please file a ticket to NetBrain support team([email protected]), this may need further analysis.
Thank you!
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